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A collection of architecture essays from an architecture student's first year. These can be used as templates and examples of what to expect from essay assignments.

For the past few decades, gentrification has been one of the most prevalent concerns faced when it comes to the redevelopment of old neighbourhoods or low-income areas. Gentrification has been defined by sociologist as the transformation of a low-income working-class areas into middle class residential and commercial areas which are accompanied by the influx of more high class or more affluent residents...

Vernacular architecture is a style that has been linked to being very informal and rural in terms of appearances, technology, built and considered as very primitive type of architecture by person that do not understand it. What this piece of writing is trying to achieve is, showing the importance of this style and how it is linked to social, environmental and economical factors. The information provided shows how not only this is true but also shows how the elements and principles used in vernacular architecture can be used and implemented in solving design issues faced in the present concerning sustainability, resilience, technology and materiality. The conclusion of this research shows that the way to improve architecture is through using techniques and principles from past vernacular architecture and implement them into the present buildings.

A painting can be historically significant for multiple reason and show its significance in different ways. It can reflects a sense of power, ownership, form, status and history. Amongst other things; beauty, pride and gender, all which show some relation between the past and present.

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